I am very interested in our relationship with nature and the multiple ways in which we humans are constantly trying to control basic natural processes. I like to imagine nature's reactions and the possible outcomes of an inadequate human interaction with these processes.

My series depict landscapes inhabited by imaginary beings, explore notions of scientific experimentation or show piles of waste resulting from these actions. I like to imagine what happens when an experiment goes wrong. What would we do with a batch of lab-made humanoid organs that don't function properly or with strange alien mutations we weren't counting on?

At the same time, I have always been fascinated by the allure of advertising: by the slick, colorful and bubble gum reality it sells us and, at the same time, by the controlling power these images hold. I am very interested in how the media slowly shapes the natural landscape around us, slowly taking over public and private ground.
In my public art projects, I create holes or open spaces in the new landscape taken over by the media. I am trying, in a way, to give this conquered space back to nature.

I work in different media: drawing, painting or installation but cutting and repetition are constant processes in my series. Cutting is an activity I easily associate with childhood and playfulness, references that can be found in my work. On the other hand, repetition always rewarded me with a particular state of meditation, together with a sense of control over the process.